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Travel Videos

PiccaFilm Ltd. aims to produce inspiring high-quality creative media. From travelling to taking part in an event, PicaFIlm is ready to help you inspire your clients and your potential clients. We always brings a unique style and positive attitude to create unforgettable content to all audiences.


Mixing footage from the Drone and GoPro to show the most incredible sights you will see in Malta.


A Day Dreaming project from a trip to Menorca using the Drone, GoPro and DSLR Camera.

USA West Coast Road Trip

Using a GoPro to film the entire trip and some creativity in production to share the best moments in the West Coast of the USA.


Using a Drone and a GoPro combined to show the most beautiful spots in Scotland: Isle of Skye.


Showing 3 spots in Brazil from a Drone perspective.


The best of Algarve captured from above with a Drone and a GoPro for shots in the water.

Films: Project


Our PiccaFilm Ltd. drone showreel.


A week in Greece with the drone can't go wrong.

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