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DJI Mavic Pro 2 is able to shoot outstanding quality of stabilised movies & pictures with a Hasselblad sensor. 

Large 1” CMOS sensor, stunning colour at 10-bit, high dynamic range and high quality.

Max Specs

Film 4k @30fps at 10-bit colour

Picture 20Mb (5472×3648)


Capture high quality close-ups.

Sony A7iii captures full frame cinematic shots with a combination of lenses to capture your subject.

Max Specs

Film 4k@60fps / 1080p@120 fps (slow motion) at 100 Mbit/s

Picture 24Mb


Seamless underwater and action shots with video stabilisation.

GoPro Hero 6. It's simple, but it doesn't let the best action moments go past. Capture underwater shots or first person action clips regardless of the conditions.

Max Specs

Film 4k @60fps / 2.7k @120fps / 1080p @240fps (slow motion)

Picture 12Mb (4000x3000)



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