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PiccaFilm Ltd. enables you and your business by providing inspiring, high quality and creative content that captivate our attention. Whether we produce the perfect travel destination film, shoot real estate or promote extreme sports events, we have the technical expertise, equipment, experience and creativity to deliver the perfect film to engage your audience. While we do the filming, you enjoy the moment... and watch it later!

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Achievements & Certification

Certified Drone Pilot

Insured to £1 million

Best Director Award


CAA Qualified Pilots

Permit for Commercial Operations (PfCO)


Paulo Picca



Founder's Motivation

The main goal of PiccaFilm is to inspire. With this purpose in mind, it is appropriate to share a cheesy motivational story from the founder, Paulo Picca, about his own progress:

"The first film I made was in 2007. It was a skateboarding video, not surprisingly. I was an active kid. But the movie was also the worst video I've ever made: using a potato-quality 2Mb camera from my phone, combined with cheesy Movie Maker titles and power-point-like transitions. Not to talk about the skater punk-rock music to make it "cool". I actually thought it was cool at the time... but most importantly, these were the platforms that kick-started my passion.

Making a movie that others could watch and learn skateboarding tricks got me hooked. At the time, there was no story behind it. But I kept editing, learning and pushing every new video to be better than the previous one. Telling a story and attempting to inspire others. My technical skills advanced quickly when I lived abroad, with a huge time difference from my family and friends. It was difficult to share experiences with them. "Telling" them wasn't "showing" them or "experiencing" it. I wanted to share what the other side of the planet was like. What life can be like. Well, who knows, maybe inspire a friend or two who dreamt of travelling the world to take the leap!

Slowly, I developed my technical skills to a point I could be more creative with productions. I got into drones and didn't turn back - every video is enhanced by them. To this day, I am still learning and trying to develop myself, still trying to make every video better. It is satisfying seeing the progress and it's incredible to hear so many compliments! I want to thank everyone who has supported this process all along. It shows that people are inspired by them, or at least interested, which motivates me to keep learning and editing!

Just like when I look back at my videos from over 10 years ago and think they are awful, 10 years from now maybe I will look back and question what I am doing. But one thing is certain, I will always have these videos to remind myself of the trips, memories and how I intended to inspire others! It is the reason I started filming in the first place."

PiccaFilm Ltd. as a company is a reflection of how important it is to push yourself and work hard for those dreams you truly believe in. If you would like to create memories of trips, locations, events and inspire other people, get in touch!


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